Angelcare AC401 Review – Is this Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor the Best Choice?

The choice of baby monitor is extremely important as it ensures maximum safety for the baby and gives the parents peace of mind. After some shopping around, my husband and I picked Angelcare AC401 because it monitors the child in two ways instead of one. I can safely say that now I’m an experienced user. Read my review based on my experience to decide if this system would be right for you.

Is the Double System Reliable?

Angelcare AC401 has a classic sound monitor, also known as a baby unit. It is compact and has a cute angel shape. It’s easy to set up in place and to adjust too. It even features a nightlight which is incredibly soft to help you find your way around the nursery in the middle of the night. I suppose it’s protected me from bumping into the furniture quite a few times.

The feature which makes this baby monitor system stand out is the sensor pad which is placed under the mattress. It picks up even the slightest movement the baby makes, and this includes breathing. In case it cannot sense movement for 20 seconds, the pad will produce an alarm signal. This form of double protection is incredibly helpful. I think that all new parents will appreciate it quite a lot.

How about Ease of Use?

There’s nothing complex about using the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor system. You can adjust the sensitivity of both the pad and the sound monitor with ease. I personally prefer the highest sensitivity settings, but I guess that’s because I’m somewhat overprotective of my child. Another thing worth mentioning is that the sensor pad has to be placed on a hard surface below the mattress. You should check to confirm that your type of mattress is compatible with the pad.

The parent unit is compact and easy to carry around. While the screen isn’t very big, the numbers on it are. The color display makes it easier to recognize the different settings that appear. It’s worth noting that this system measures even the temperature in the nursery, so you’ll always know whether the environment is optimal for your child. I find the settings simple to adjust which is also the case with my Spectra Baby USA S2 breast pump.

Range and Battery Life

I’ve been using this baby monitor for quite some time now and I’ve never experienced signal interference, even though I keep my phone along the parent unit and use the microwave quite often during the day. The range from 262 to 328 feet works perfectly for me, even though our house isn’t small. The battery life of the Angelcare AC401 units is very good. Recharging isn’t required often, and this is a great plus for busy parents.

Is It Durable?

I can see this baby monitor system lasting for quite a long time. The parent unit, in particular, seems immune to falling on the floor. The pad doesn’t seem to be affected by the weight of the mattress and my baby, as she is getting bigger. I’ve never experienced issues with Angelcare AC401.

Any Negative Sides?

The only thing I’m not happy about is that the sensor pad doesn’t work with all types of mattresses. This limits the choice of parents to an extent. Despite this, you can still find a fabulous mattress to work with the pad.

The Verdict

What’s the conclusion of this Angelcare AC401 review? The system is dependable above all and helps keep your baby safe. It is very easy to use and appears to have great durability also. As a parent, I’m very happy with it. Check out Amazon to get more details and to read more reviews.

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