Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat Review – Is It the Ideal Choice for Your Baby?

The choice of child car seats is so great that I was more than overwhelmed when I had to shop for one. After comparing various models, I decided to go for the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat. I’ve been using it ever since my daughter and I got signed out of the hospital, so I’m confident that I can review it in detail.

Reliable Conversion?

One of the things I like the most about this 3-in-1 car seat is that it is designed to be used for years. You start off with it facing the rear of the vehicle when your baby is a newborn. When your child weighs anywhere from 22 and 65 pounds, you can set the seat to face forward.

Kids weighing over 40 pounds will use just the booster section with belt-positioning design. You can use this Safety 1st Grow and Go model until your child weighs 100 pounds, meaning you will most likely never have to buy another child car seat. Sounds like a good investment, right?

Effectiveness and Comfort

This 3-in-1 car seat for children is designed to offer the maximum level of safety. When I first placed my baby in it, it literally cocooned her, and this gave me peace of mind that she’d be safe. The safety harness appears to be extremely strong, and it’s also easy to adjust. It’s impossible for the youngster to unbuckle it. What’s more, the harness holders make placing the child inside extremely easy.

So far, my little girl who is a toddler now has loved this Grow and Go seat. She’s always peaceful when seated and dozes off quite quickly and easily. I think the head and lumbar pillows play a very important role when it comes to creating comfortable seating.

The cup holders, one on each side of the seat, are among the features I appreciate the most. With them, keeping water, food and toys at hand is a much easier task. They are incredibly useful.

Ease of Use

The conversion from one type of seat to another is very easy. The instructions for converting this Safety 1st Grow and Go unit are clear and straightforward. There is no room for confusion. The same applies to the day-to-day use of the 3-in-1 car seat. Placing your child and buckling her or him up is a super simple task, especially after you’ve done it a couple of times.

Care and Durability

You can easily remove the seat pad and then wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. It will be ready for use in no time at all. In general, cleaning the whole seat is completely hassle-free.

When it comes to durability, I find both the plastic components of Safety 1st Grow and Go and the upholstery to be quite strong and resistant to various types of damage. I’m sure that with good care, this child seat can last over a decade.

How about Drawbacks?

There isn’t a handle for carrying this 3-in-1 car seat when it is not in use and this isn’t particularly convenient. Still, we don’t switch between cars very often, so that’s not a very big cause for concern, at least for me. Additionally, the seat is fairly light, and this helps a lot when you have to move it.


When making a decision about the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat, take into account its versatility, reliability and durability. This is a great piece of baby gear that you can keep using for years to come and this makes it a good investment. Visit Amazon for more information and reviews.

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